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X-MEN #8. The X-MEN versus M.O.D.OK.! NEW LIMITED EDITION VARIANTS (Pricing dependent upon rarity, first reserved-first served, serious inquiries only please) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #89 GLEASON VARIANT EDITION; BATMAN THE KNIGHT #2 (OF 10) FEDERICI CARD STOCK VARIANT EDITION B; DETECTIVE COMICS #1053 LEE BERMEJO CARD STOCK VARIANT EDITION B. Porque no hay suficiente Superbat en este mundo. #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad ... what if superheroes have their own instagram? lol and batman's bitching about being carried. and yes, batman misspelled her acc XD. ... imágenes de todos los integrantes del clan del murciélago o más conocidos como bat family y sus.

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What she doesn't know is that when she entered, she triggered an alarm, and the Bat Family is now watching her through the security camera. Dick, Jason, and Bruce want to watch and see what she does while Damian and Tim wants to go down there, drag her out, and interrogate her.

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I'm meant to be a bat....I'm weak. They'll just be glad that I'm gone. + I quickly scrambled inside the manor and rushed to my room. Luckily, everyone was out. + Dumping my bag on the soft carpet, I grabbed a pen and paper and started to write my letter. + Guys, + I'm sorry that I'm such a failure. The words got to me, they got to me.

When Nightwing was Robin, the joker was one of his many enemies that share a history with him and his old mentor, Batman. A mission went sour and the relationship between Batman and Nightwing was strained but not permanently damaged. He needed help so he decided to contact his old mentor.

Nightwing is the solo codename of Richard "Dick" Grayson, the first Robin.After years of training under Batman the Then-a-Teen Boy Wonder decided that, as the image quote says, "A man's got to go his own way".Thanks to the nature of comic book continuity, this was either after a long-overdue fight with Batman or a mutually respectful parting of ways. Fanfiction You, the reader are a child living with Bruce (Batman), Dick (Nightwing), Jason (Red Hood), Tim (Red Robin) , Damian (Robin), Barbra (Batgirl/Orcle) and Alfred (bad ass butler)! # alfredpennyworth # batfamily # batgirl # batman # brucewayne # childreader # dc # dccomics # dickgrayson # harleyquinn # joker # nightwing # readerinsert.

Browse through and read nightwing x reader fanfiction stories and books. ... Batman: Nightwing x Anti-Hero Reader If Only You Knew Me. Completed December 3, ... (Spiderman x reader x Deadpool) //Wayne Family and Loki included) (Y/n) Stark, daughter of the famous Tony Stark. A child prodigy with gifted powers. Adventure Batman Nightwing Jason Todd Robin Red Hood Bat Family Gotham Bludhaven Gotham is changing, the city already preparing for it's newest addition. With Nightwing struggling with his new responsibility of fatherhood and Mary struggling with her place in her strange new life; mix-up's, chaos and trouble's are sure to arise.


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Give it a chance. Reads make me happy. (my favs) Everything that I find funny/cute/cool. Cover isn't mine BAT BROTHERS (BB), YOUNG JUSTICE(YJ), TEEN TITANS (TT) actually not a lot of teen titans can't find much What I obsess over and have an unhealthy session with (No particular order it varies with my mood): Dick (Robin/Nightwing) Damian (Robin) VERY Jason (Robin/Red Hood) SLOW Raven (Lol it. Nightwing was jolted awake when Cheshire, minus her namesake mask, shook his shoulder again. He plucked off his shades and wiped the tears from his eyes while he tried to force his heart to slow down. Artemis was still alive, her vital signs stable though weak, and they were both in the infirmary of Talia al Ghul's private airship. "Are you okay?".

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Search: Bat Family Fanfiction Nightwing Sick.Nightwing (real name Dick Grayson)is a character from DC Comics Stories and One-Shots filled with the lives of the ever so popular Bat-Family, Daddybats and cutesy Robin(s) along with the occasional brotherly Wally and Roy moments and. Batman sighed, an oddly human gesture and pushed back the cowl to reveal a youthful face.

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When Batman was originally published in 1939, he was a solo hero. Over the years, Batman has added to his team of allies. Dick Grayson was the first to join the team, and his addition brought new readers to the comics.Since then, the Bat-Family has continued to grow and thrive.. RELATED: Batman: 5 Ways Batman Works Better With Robin (& 5 Why He's Better Alone).

Dick (now Nightwing) was a real jerk about it. He returned to Earth and became isolated, leaving the Teen Titans. When his friend, Donna Troy, confronted him, he tore her apart, picking at every insecurity of hers that he could think of to make her feel terrible about herself. 14 ASSAULT FOR LAUGHS. Jason Todd is the titular central antagonist of the 2010 animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood, and the main protagonist of the 2020 animated interactive film Batman: Death in the Family He is the former Robin who is murdered by the Joker, and becomes a vigilante after being resurrected by Ra's al Ghul.He takes on his murderer's former identity, The Red Hood, and. .

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The son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, Damian Wayne is a spoiled brat with a nearly unmatched natural fighting ability. Only 13 years old, Damian has taken on the Bat-Family, including Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing in single combat, successfully defeating them in one capacity or another.

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About Nightwing Hostage Fanfic. For the first Robin, see Dick Grayson. ... Answer (1 of 6): It seems so. Though the Bat family doesn't have much say in it, Bruce does. And going by one of the more interesting non-cannon stories, DCeased, ... Common People is a Batman fanfiction created by AmariT. Dick, Jason and Tim all are Bruce Wayne's.

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Red X is a former "villain identity" which Robin temporarily used as part of an "undercover" operation. The identity was later assumed by a mysterious anti-hero whose real identity remains unknown. Contents 1 Character history 1.1 Robin 1.2 The New Red X 2 Physical appearance 3 Personality 4 Powers and abilities 5 Identity 6 Relationships 6.1 Robin.

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Oct 1, 2020 #126 Night_stalker said: She could, and then what? You now have a vigilante who will be spending some time in prison, has one helluva vendetta against you and your ilk, and is smart enough to have figured out a major Bat Secret. Kinda a bad idea to make another enemy. Oh yeah, I was strictly speaking of legal loopholes. Web.


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Search: Bat Family Fanfiction Nightwing Sick.Nightwing (real name Dick Grayson)is a character from DC Comics Stories and One-Shots filled with the lives of the ever so popular Bat-Family, Daddybats and cutesy Robin(s) along with the occasional brotherly Wally and Roy moments and. Batman sighed, an oddly human gesture and pushed back the cowl to reveal a youthful face.